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UW-Parkside Art Department


The Art Department at UW-Parkside offers a degree with three options: Digital Arts major, Studio Arts major or a General Arts major. Art students work in well-equipped, uncrowded studios with a faculty seriously committed to quality teaching as well as to production, exhibition and publication in their own areas of professional specialization. Advanced art students may pursue Studio Art concentrations in Art Education, Crafts, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Interdisciplinary Arts; as well as Digital Arts concentrations in Graphic Design and Illustration. To get accepted into a concentration a student must pass a portfolio review. It is possible for a student to do a double concentration in the Art Department.

To complement the studio work, art history course offerings cover issues from prehistory to contemporary art. Upon graduation, art majors may continue professionally in quality graduate programs or enter one of many career options. There are also minors in digital artsand studio arts as well as certificates in art history and museum studies.


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