Just want to remind you that this coming Wed., 12/2, the Art Dept’s Professional Practice class is going to have their little arts and crafts sale. HOORAY!!
There will be a bunch of different items, all at very modest pricing, for you to wrangle your arms around. Bring those dollar bills! 🙂
All sales go directly to the students who made the “merch”. Please support them!!
When: Wed. 12/2, 9-ish a.m. until 4:40-ish p.m.
Where: “The Concourse” (L1 level between Wyll and Grnq)
Why: Because Art students’ stuff is cool!! And c’mon, what screams “support me” more than a group of Art students selling their handmade wares??!?! . . . .  NOTHING!!
Bring: Cash, a smile, and helpful suggestions (constructive criticism is what we call it in the arts.) This is a learning experience for the students! Some may decide this is their niche, so your feedback will be helpful 🙂
And BTW: The senior exhibition also opens on Wed, 12/2, in the Foundation Gallery. Stop by the gallery and check it out! Great stuff going on by our talented Art students!!