Hi Art Department Students!
Just sending a friendly reminder that now is the time to meet with your advisor and register for spring courses . (Your specific registration date is stated by your SOLAR “cart”.)
Here are some basic advising/registration tidbits to have on your radar:
  1. ENROLL ASAP as ART classes can fill (and close) QUICKLY! — the early bird catches the worm 😉
  2. Get all your required ART 100 level courses out of the way, pronto! It is also recommended that students take ART 125 before ART 126.
  3. Take no more than 3 studio or graphic design courses in one semester; aim to take at least two each semester.
  4. Remember that you may repeat FOR CREDIT all 400-level studio art courses; in GD, you may repeat 487 for credit. ART 391, Selected Topics in Art History, is repeatable for credit as well. Please see the attached course catalog for details.
  5. JUNIORS: Take Professional Practice, ART 392 during your junior year in the major(By junior, I mean when you’re about 2/3rds- 3/4s through the Art/GD major, with several studio courses and the two 100-level art history courses under your belt.)
  6. SENIORS: If you’re planning on graduating during the 2015-2016 academic year, check with your art professor or advisor about which capstone course you need to take. For “general” art, you should take Critique Seminar, ART 497; for Graphic Design, you should take Design Portfolio, ART 487; for Art with Concentration, you need to register for Senior Studio, ART 493.  (For ART 493, you will need to submit paperwork to me, since I’m leading the course this spring.
ALSO, DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR MAY 2016 GRADUATION IS DECEMBER 1st!– yes, like 3 weeks away!  Instructions on how to apply can be found at the top of your DARS report.