Hi Art Department Students!
Just a reminder to register for fall classes if you haven’t already. Classes are filling up!
If you haven’t met with your ART advisor, do so asap, noting that we (advisors/faculty) ARE NOT here after 5/15 to help you—sorry, but we don’t get paid after then. . . . If you don’t know who your advisor is, please check your SOLAR account or check in with me.
Here are some basics to have on your radar when registering:
  1. ENROLL ASAP as ART classes can fill (and close) QUICKLY!
  2. Get all your required ART 100 level courses out of the way ASAP
  3. Take no more than 3 studio or graphic design courses in one semester; aim to take at least two each semester.
  4. This fall our upper division Art History Selected Topics course focuses on design. What a treat for the graphic designers—and everyone, really!!! TAKE IT!!
  5. JUNIORS: Take Professional Practice, ART 392 during your junior year in the major(By junior, I mean when you’re about 2/3rds- 3/4s through the Art/GD major, with several studio courses and the two 100-level art history courses under your belt.)
  6. If you’re planning on graduating during the 2015-2016 academic year, check with your art professor or advisor about which capstone course you need to take. For “general” art, you should take Critique Seminar, ART 497; for Graphic Design, you should take Design Portfolio, ART 487 (and you can take this twice for credit!!); for Art with Concentration, you need to register for Senior Studio, ART 493.  (For ART 493 in the fall, you should sign up for Kristen Bartel as your primary prof since she’s leading the course; I’ll be leading it in the spring and you’d sign up with me then.)
Good luck with upcoming finals!
Check out the graduating senior shows coming up this next week!
Lisa Marie Barber
Associate Professor, Chair
UW-Parkside Art Department