We’ve got a full afternoon and evening of great comics-related events planned for this Thursday, and Anne Rasmussen from the library, our own Amy Misurelli-Sorenson, Anne Hambrock from the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning and the UWP Music Department, and I are making a big push to get people to attend them. If the art department faculty could make an announcement about this in each of their classes between now and Thursday afternoon, we would greatly appreciate it, and students should find these events more than worthwhile. We know that there are lots of students who love comics, so please tell them about this and try to get them to attend! We’ve reserved the MainStage Theatre for the 2 PM panel, so we’d really like to get a good turnout for that event so the room doesn’t go to waste.
Denis Kitchen, a seminal figure in underground and alternative comics, will be participating in almost all of these events, and he alone would be worth the effort to see, but we’ll also have a number of other interesting people participating, including Tim Hamilton, who drew the graphic novel adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 and Paul Buhle, a noted historian of US culture, comics, and labor history.  Denis and Paul also have Wisconsin connections: Denis grew up in Racine, went to UWM, and for many years he ran the highly influential Kitchen Sink Press from Princeton, Wisconsin, while Paul did his graduate work at UW-Madison.
I’ll put printouts of the day’s itinerary and exhibition flyers in each of your office door mailboxes. If you could bring these to your classes and distribute them to any interested students, it would be much appreciated. I’ll also give each of you a poster that you can hold up as a visual aid. Thanks!
2-3:30: Panel Discussion on Freedom of Expression: The “Subversiveness” Of Comics, The Comics Code, and Banning Books
MainStage Theatre
·         Denis Kitchen – independent publisher of underground comics, comics scholar, and founder of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
·         Scott Stantis – former president of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists
·         Tim Hamilton – graphic novelist of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451
·         Paul Buhle – comic historian
·         George Hagenuer – cartoon art collector and comic historian
4-5: Walk-through of The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen
With Denis Kitchen and Professor of Art History Doug Singsen
6-9: Gallery Openings
Local Underground Comics
Foundation Gallery: Featuring Local Talent: David Beyer’s graphic novel “Ballyhoo”, Jeff Moody’s music review comic strip “Stripwax”, Jerry Belland’s “Scott Walker in Hell” series and Kpolly’s “Fake A$$ Rappers.”
KUSD Takes on Comics
Mathis Gallery: Kenosha’s own Cartoonist John Hambrock creator of “The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee” will organize cartooning workshops at various Kenosha Unified High Schools. Students are then invited to present their comics in The Mathis Gallery during The Kenosha Festival of Cartooning.
Incendiary Illustrations: Tim Hamilton’s Fahrenheit 451 
Mathis Gallery: With a Book Signing by Tim Hamilton: 6-9 pm
6:30-8:30: Special Presentations (simultaneous with the openings)
6:30-7:15: Denis Kitchen, Life, Work, Art
Fine Arts Gallery
Presentation by Denis Kitchen
7:30-8:30: Al Capp: A Life To The Contrary
Fine Arts Gallery
Presentation by Denis Kitchen and Michael Schumacher, Al Capp: A Life To The Contrary.