Hello All, Just to let you know ACE is beginning our process of Elections!

Here is the outline for the process!

4/23 Wed 7pm: Open up for nominations

        4/25 Fri 1pm: Take nominations
        4/30 Wed 7pm: Final day for nominations
        5/2 Fri 1pm: First day of voting
        5/7 Wed 7pm: Final day of voting
        5/9 Fri 1pm: Back-up final day of voting
        5/9 : Board Member’s Announced and club registration locked in for Fall ’14-’15

Positions Available. (If you have questions about the duties of these positions, please e-mail me I’d be happy to fill you in.)
Vice President:
Promotions Manager:
Event Coordinator*NEW POSITION*:
*committee chairs*: may be added to the club as we progress depending on interest and participation.     You may suggest a new committee that you would like to be the chair of if you would like.

Candidate Requirements: Any Active Member(3 or more meetings attended this semester) OR approval by current Exec board (we accept all reasonable candidates). Base requirement would be must have GPA minimum of 2.5 as stated in our member requirement. Please prepare a short statement to be given at nomination/election meetings stating your interest in the position and why you think you are qualified.

I hope to see you all at our elections, I invite you to run for board positions! Don’t be afraid to get involved! Many positions are open, we will give you the required training/guidance, and as always we are in search of many dedicated members!

I just want to add in a special thank you to all of you who helped with, participated in or visited our Juried Student Exhibition, it was a great event!

-Katie Gentner