My studio practice is concentrated around employing abstraction to communicate the nuance and poetics of the human experience. I  am interested in representing juxtaposing and contradictory truths found in how we relate to each other as beings influenced by both positive and negative aspects of society.  My current paintings are inspired by personal narrative; stories that chronicle the conflicted realities present in day-to-day interpersonal relationships. I embrace the ambiguities of a more expressionist practice, populating my canvases with shapes that oscillate from amorphous to representational, and meaning that hover between the suggestive and the indecipherable.  Construction lumber, cubed structures, veils, and shrouded bits of architecture are the repeating characters in my current abstractions. Both familiar and simplified in shape, I twist, contort and flatten these forms in space. Allegorically, my characters personify human gesture, embodying human emotion. They rival each other within a world articulated though color and spatial tensions, a world whose conditions aren’t so different from ours. – Leslie Smith III


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